Umbrella Insurance in Denver

Umbrella insurance can be a very important type of financial tool for many people. Today, homeowners often face financial loss from lawsuits filed against them. In other cases, a single claim against your insurance could leave you struggling to meet your comprehensive needs later. Umbrella insurance can help to provide a safety net to cover many risks you face when your existing insurance may not be enough.

Umbrella Insurance

What Is Umbrella Insurance?

This type of insurance, which is available for both individuals and businesses in different forms, provides liability coverage that goes above your existing auto insurance, home insurance, or business insurance. When these policies pay out for claims, but do not offer enough coverage, your umbrella insurance plan can kick in to help cover these costs.

When Can Umbrella Insurance Help You?

Let’s say you are involved in a car accident. The other person is hurt and faces a significant amount of medical bills. Your auto insurance may cover you up to $200,000, for example (your policy may differ). But, what about the costs that exceed this amount? Most umbrella insurance policies provide for up to $1 million, though some can be less or more. What’s more, this type of insurance tends to be relatively inexpensive compared to other liability insurance plans, especially for the peace of mind that it provides to you.

Why Should You Consider Umbrella Insurance?

The cost of claims is on the rise. A single accident filed against you could amount to thousands of dollars in losses. Most standard liability policies are simply not enough. If you were on the hook for paying those costs over and above what your insurer pays, could you do so? Would your home be on the line as a result of a lawsuit filed against you? There’s no need to put yourself and your family at risk when you have this type of insurance in place.

Umbrella insurance can help to minimize many of your financial risks while giving you the boost of confidence you need in knowing your loved ones have protection. Consider the importance and ease of securing this type of financial protection for your needs.