Motorcycle, Watercraft, and RV Insurance

The feeling of the open road ahead of you, the water splashing around your boat, or the thought of spending the entire summer in your recreational vehicle traveling across town may have you excited. Before you get started, ensure you have comprehensive motorcycle insurance, boat and watercraft insurance, or RV insurance in place.

Motorcycle Insurance Denver, CO

Motorcycle Insurance

Owning a motorcycle means protecting your asset. Many of today’s motorcycles are high-valued vehicles. You’ll want a comprehensive motorcycle insurance plan in Colorado before you hit the road. Most types of motorcycles need insurance coverage, including:

  • Motorcycles (including classic bikes and modern bikes, with all sizes of engines)
  • Scooters
  • Dirt bikes
  • Dune buggies
  • ATV vehicles
  • Snowmobiles
  • Golf carts

Any type of vehicle that is powered by an engine can fall under motorcycle insurance coverage. This type of insurance can help you in various ways:

  • It protects the bike itself from instances such as fire, theft, vandalism, and windstorms.
  • It helps you recoup losses to your bike if you are involved in an accident.
  • It may help to cover liability losses, such as instances when you cause an accident that hurts another person or another person’s property.
  • Medical costs may be a part of your plan.
  • Policies are available to cover motorcycles while in storage at a lower cost.

Motorcycle insurance must be comprehensive to meet your bike’s unique needs and features. Collectors bikes, hard-to-replace bikes, and those with custom parts may need specialized insurance plans to ensure their value is always protected.

Boat Insurance

Heading out onto the water means making sure your boat is protected and that you have ample liability insurance in place to protect yourself just in case something goes wrong. Boat owners should invest in this type of insurance if they own:

  • Boats of all sizes
  • Sailboats
  • Yachts
  • Commercial boats
  • Watercraft equipment such as Jet-skis
Boat Insurance, Denver, CO

Boat insurance will be customized to meet your boat’s unique features. It will help to cover your losses associated with most types of operations. Most policies will cover:

  • Damage to your boat from fires, theft, vandalism, and other types of unavoidable, accidental damage
  • Repairs to your boat after you are involved in a collision
  • Repairs to docks or another person’s boat if you are at fault for causing the damage
  • Liability insurance for lawsuits and claims filed against you both by other boaters and by your passengers
  • Coverage for environmental damage such as oil spills
  • Wreckage cleanup if your vehicle is lost
  • Protection for your onboard equipment, including items like Scuba gear or high-end fishing gear

When buying boat insurance in Colorado, also consider the value of investing in coverage for when your boat isn’t in the water. Boat insurance for storage needs is important. It provides protection for your boat from damage that occurs while your vehicle is in dry storage, such as when you are overwintering it. This type of watercraft insurance can help protect against water damage, theft, and vandalism in these situations.

RV Insurance, Denver, CO

RV Insurance

Recreational vehicles are very valuable types of vehicles. When choosing insurance for them, you’ll need a customized policy that takes into account both features of auto insurance plans and home insurance. RV insurance in Colorado needs to fit the size and type of vehicle you own, how you use it, and the amount of risk your face. Before you plan that next trip, be sure your insurance protection is comprehensive.

RV insurance is customized to fit the type of vehicle you have such as:

  • Campers
  • Fifth wheel trailers
  • Utility trailers
  • Class A, B, and C homes
  • Pop-up tent trailers
  • Mounted truck campers
  • Cargo trailers and horse trailers

It’s also important to consider the way you use it. For example, you may be using it mostly for long-distance travel. In other cases, you may need full-time use RV insurance, which occurs when you use your recreational vehicle more like a home.

RV insurance needs to cover many risks including:

  • Comprehensive property insurance to protect the value of the RV from theft, vandalism, collisions, and more
  • Protection for your onboard assets
  • Liability insurance to match your risk

RV insurance should also be in place when you are storing your RV and not using it.

Getting the Colorado Insurance You Need

At C&I Insurance, our goal is to make sure you have comprehensive Colorado insurance for your motorcycles, boats, and RVs. We offer flexible policies that meet each of your individual needs. And, we keep them affordable. We know you want to spend time enjoying your “toys” not paying for risks. Talk to us today about a customized quote for your vehicles.

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