OSHA Colorado Compliance (8 Types of Compliance Services We Offer)

Learn How Our Insurance Agency is Helping Denver Businesses with Compliance Requirements

Are you prepared for an OSHA inspection? Does your current broker update you on new and revised OSHA regulations? Maybe it is time to expect more from your insurance agent. For general requirements, OSHA fines average at $2,200 per fine and over $6 million in fines are paid each year. No need to worry. We provide compliance assistance to our clients and we have simplified our process.

List of Compliance Services Offered by Our Agency:

  1. OSHA Penalties
  2. OSHA Compliance & Support
  3. Federal Compliance
  4. State Compliance
  5. FMCSA Compliance
  6. DOT Compliance
  7. GHS Compliance
  8. HR Hotline

Compliance, Denver, CO

We will start by sharing a survey with you that covers the topic of OSHA compliance including violations, recordkeeping, fines and general concerns. HR is responsible for OSHA compliance for around 50% of the companies out there. No matter who handles this responsibility at your company we will provide them with our OSHA 300A Summary Worksheet. This can help them calculate the average annual number of employees and total hours worked by employees for reporting on the OSHA 300 Summary. Use our OSHA Recordable Incident Advisor to determine if an injury or incident needs to be logged. Aside from these helpful tools, we will also distribute newsletters, risk insights, and regulatory updates keeping your business informed on the topics especially relevant to your concerns.

Here is a list of some of our specific solutions:

  • Worksheet to aid in reporting on OSHA 300 Summary
  • Colorado and all 50 state guides to workplace safety regulation
  • Preparing for an OSHA Inspection
  • Hazard Communication Program & Training Materials
  • Emergency Action Plan Program
  • Fire Prevention Plan Program
  • Cranes & Hoists Safety Program
  • First Aid Program & Training Materials
  • Flammable and Combustible Liquids Program
  • Ladder Program

We have much more to offer than we can list so, please feel free contacting our agency by calling 303-339-0359 to find out how C & I Insurance can help today.

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