Business Insurance for Your Small Food Business

Owning a small bakery, coffee shop, or perhaps even your own food startup is an exciting adventure. You have the skill, you know your craft, and people rave about the products you produce. But, what happens if your equipment fails or someone gets sick? Having the proper business insurance is critical.

Business Insurance for Bakeries and Coffee Shops

Small business insurance for any type of foot business – restaurants, coffee shops, or bakeries – has to focus on providing a wide range of coverage for your company. Comprehensive project coverage should include, at the least:

  • Liability insurance to cover claims made against your company, including claims if a non-employee is hurt on your property or a customer suffers food poisoning.
  • Property insurance is not only going to help you protect the building your company operates in, but it will also help protect your equipment including freezers, refrigeration systems, and cooking equipment. It can also help cover your inventory.
  • Workers’ compensation insurance provides protection to you from claims of employee injury or illness. This helps you to keep your business operational if an employee is hurt on the job.
  • Business interruption insurance can also be helpful. If a fire or other significant event occurs leading to the closure of your business for a period of time, this type of business insurance can help you to pay your obligations.
  • Equipment breakdown coverage extends your business property insurance to keep all of your equipment safe while operating.

Other types of business insurance for coffee shops, bakeries, and specialty food locations include property and sewer or drain coverage, employee practices liability coverage, and employee dishonesty coverage. Delivery businesses also need commercial auto insurance.

Do you have the right business insurance for your food-based business? It may be time to update your coverage. Give us a call or stop by our office in Arvada, Colorado.

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