Cyber Liability Insurance

Protecting your business from risk continues to get complicated. With 31% of cyber attacks occurring to small companies and the average cost of a single data breach equaling $300,000, you cannot afford to go without the right cyber liability insurance today.

Cyber liability insurance provides you with exceptional protection from:

  • Data breaches
  • Customer information being accessed
  • Social Security and credit card fraud or breach
  • Health information accessed digitally
  • Identity theft
  • Privacy losses

The risks are very real. A single instance of cyber theft or breach can lead to thousands of dollars in claims, fines from state regulators, as well as a big hit to your company’s reputation.

Cyber liability insurance solves many of these risks by providing you with:

  • Prevention support
  • Notification cost coverage
  • Credit monitoring coverage
  • Defense claims
  • Settlement claims

With comprehensive cyber and privacy insurance, small businesses can continue to operate in the way they desire without having to worry about what would happen if a hacker gained access to private company information or customer accounts. Most importantly, you are keeping your customers, employees, and business data safe.

Do not assume your other business insurance offers this key financial tool. Most of the time, standard business insurance does not cover cyber theft, data breaches, or other digital risks.

Is cyber liability insurance right for you? To find out, take a moment to contact one of our skilled and experienced agents. You can also learn more about how cyber liability insurance works and request a quote from our team.

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